Over 300 interviews carried out to the stakeholders for comparative analysis

Aim: 300 interviews with stakeholders for competitive analysis of competencies will be held in all partner universities. The core list of 15 -30 generic and list of professional competencies are formed for realization of project-oriented engineering education in partner universities. Full list of competencies with their short descriptions approved by consortium (seminar P12).

Organizators: Partner universities and organizations


QUESTIONNAIRE FOR GRADUATES (RUS)2019-04-02 21:11:43asuace
QUESTIONNAIRE FOR GRADUATES (RUS)2019-04-02 21:11:04asuace
QUESTIONNAIRE FOR EMPLOYERS (RUS)2019-04-02 21:10:32asuace
QUESTIONNAIRE FOR ACADEMICS (RUS)2019-04-02 21:10:00asuace
QUESTIONNAIRE FOR STUDENTS2019-04-02 20:53:42asuace
QUESTIONNAIRE FOR GRADUATES2019-04-02 20:53:18asuace
QUESTIONNAIRE FOR EMPLOYERS2019-04-02 20:52:46asuace
QUESTIONNAIRE FOR ACADEMICS2019-04-02 20:52:18asuace
Interview Results2019-04-02 20:51:24asuace

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