Seminar 3 on the NGB agreement

This seminar is dedicated to the creation of the Network of Green Building (NGB) Centres in each University partner from Russia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia.  Each of them should prepare a Business Plan, in order to give sustainability to the network that is going to be created with an agreement signed by all the partners.


The network of Multidisciplinary centers “Green Building” (NGB): Plan, State of arts and Agreement – Massimiliano D’Innocenzo UNIVAQ

Presentation of the agreement, request to all partners to agree on that and sign the contract.

See attached agreement.


Workshop: Understanding the NGB business model – Andro Goblon (SGG)

Workshop: Designing the NGB business models – Andro Goblon (SGG)

Workshop: Designing the NGB business model and starting to prepare the business plan – Andro Goblon

WP4 Dissemination – Example how to connect value proposition with key messages for stakeholders and beneficiaries – Andro Goblon (SGG)

Material available for all:

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