Quality assurance and monitoring

The main aims of the project monitoring and quality control are:

– to assess the coherence of the planned activities with the designed activities;

– to monitor the correspondence of the activities carried out with the planned activities and the on-time assessment of the planned project results;

– to assess the quality of the project results.

The responsibility of the monitoring of the project activities will be of the Internal Monitoring and Quality Control Team (IMQCT), while the responsibility of the quality control will be of both the Internal Monitoring and Quality Control Team (IMQCT) and the External Quality Control Team (EQCT).

16 experts will be selected for IMQCT team (1 staff from each universities). The meetings of IMQCT will be coincident with project’s  regular seminars. The Commission will prepare monitoring and quality reports every six month.

The External Quality Control Team (EQCT) will be composed by 6 members: four Rectors or their delegates (one from EU, one from RF, one from UZ and one from MN), and two or three experts from Laboratorio Nazionale Smart City del Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per l’Informatica (CINI).

This external experts are not the consortium members and don’t involved in the project, that’s why they work will be financed from the sub-contracting.

These groups will be formed in draft on the kick-off coordination meeting and finally up to the middle of the 1st project year. The final list of the commities members will be officially submitted during the Seminar on agreeing the list of competences (P12).

The quality assessment will be mainly based on the indicators for progress and relative sources of information listed in the third row of the Logical Framework Matrix.

Two meetings of the External Quality Control team are foreseen (the first at the middle of the 2-nd project year and the second one in the middle of 3-rd project year). The special seminar will be held in the middle of 3-rd project year in order to asses the project quality and making the quality report. Both teams will participate (IMQCT and EQCT).

IMQCT will assess the quality of 9 courses and 9 teaching material (WP-1), and protocol on courses quality assessment will be signed.  IMQCT jointly with EQCT will participate in the quality assessment of the students graduate projects (WP-2). Enterprises’ experts will be added to Commission (on base of co-financing).


[More documentation is available for partners only in the provate section of this website]


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