To disseminate and exploit the results of GREB project, a composite range of activities are implemented by the partnership.

The present project website.

For popularisation of new interdisciplinary Model of engineering practical-oriented education for Civil Engineering (High-Tech Green Buildings) in line with best EU practices to increase awareness and response to environmental changes. The portal is divided into sections, which are being filled as the project runs: information on the project, information on partners; the courses developed under the project, results of teaching of various target groups; events; information sources and services.

Student info days

They will be organised by each partner universities in Russian Federation, Uzbekistan and Mongolia during the final project year. Info-days will take place in each NGB centre with active involving of regional enterprises. The Info-days will also be attended by representatives from P4 (Construction Cluster of Slovenia), P11 (Russian Technical Society). This will demonstrate the benefits of the project for the business sector. The student’s projects results will be presented at these info-days. Such events will promote not only for dissemination of information on the

Final international conference

It will be carried out in Kazan State University of Architecture and Engineering (KSUAE) (P7) with participation of all the organisations - consortium members, as well as experts of industrial enterprises. The important factor is involving of students (members of international teams) as the conference speakers and attendees. Students will present a report on the project evaluation on their opinion. Head of the NGB Centres will present on the Conference business plans of the Centres’ sustainable development after the project deadline and discuss it with the associated partners. Representatives of P4 and P11 will talk about the possibilities of interaction of regional business structures with building cluster of Slovenia, and about dissemination of information through a powerful network of the RTS and CCS.

Business plan for sustainable functioning NGB

Development of business plan and road map for sustainable functioning by Centers staff and involved students. Experience of Construction Cluster of Slovenia (P4) and the Russian Technical Society (P11) will be studied in detail and applied to the development strategy of NGB centers during the project life.

Presentation and discussion of elaborated plan on the special seminars at each NGB centers (P6,7,8,9,12,13,14,15,16). Evaluation and comparison of plans by IMQCT and EQCT and associated participants. Elaboration and finalisation of common business plan of suitable development of NGB Centres.

[More documentation is available for partners only in the provate section of this website]

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