GREB project has two main phases: the first one is the preparation!

During this phase, the partnership is researching New interdisciplinary Model and BA&MA programs of engineering practical-oriented education for High-Tech Green Buildings.



First of all, with the review, tuning and modernization of the existing curricula of two cycles (activity 1.1) throughout several meetings, seminars and training:

  • Kick-off meeting in Moscow (Russian Federation) in December 2016
  • Study visit of top-manager from Russia, Mongolia and Uzbekistan in Europe in April-May 2017
  • 300 interviews with stakeholders for comparative analysis in Russia, Mongolia and Uzbekistan
  • Seminar 1 on agreeing the list of competences in Tashkent, June 2017
  • Seminar 2 on developing the new curriculum in L’Aquila, October 2017

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The last part (a) of Preparation is the setting of courses in the partner countries, through the training of academic staff and the preparation of training materials and textbooks.

  • Intensive English course in Russia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia
  • Training of academic staff from Russia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia in Europe on May/June 2018
  • Set of courses, training material, e-books

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