ASUACE Green Building Center

As part of the implementation of the Erasmus+ project “Modernization of the curricula in the field of smart building engineering – Green Building (GREB)” No. 574049-EPP-1-2016-1-IT -EPPKA2-CBHE-JP an international multidisciplinary center GreenBuilding (NGB)  was created on base of Computer Aided Design and Modeling Systems of ASUACE.  The video conferencing equipment, computers, color laser printer and 3D printer was purchsed on the project funds.
The 3D Printer, purchased for the Lab

The center is a chain of the innovative Network of Multidisciplinary Centers “Green Building” (NGB), formed by the GREB project. The creation of this network will allow to use the latest video conferencing technologies for teachers and students in order to organize their educational process with co-operation of leading teachers from EU universities, participating in the Consortia. On base of the Center equipment in 2018 was carried lectures with academic staff from Austria, Spain, Sweden, Slovenia for international groups of students consist of russian and uzbek students.

The center structure consist of:

  •  Computer Class (16 seats) with printer and laser printer (room 207)
  • Videoconferencing room (room 310)
  • Lab “Smart House”

Head of the Center is Yulia Lezhnina – academic staff from ASUACE, who participated both in retraining for academic staff and in intensive trainings for heads of the Green Building Centers. Yulia is a highly professional staff, who actively participated in the project and involve students and teachers to the project activities and join events. During the project life her competence become enogh to lead also international activity of the university.

The Green Building Center will become an additional interaction platform for scientists from European universities and partner universities from Russia, Uzbekistan and Mongolia, and allow to discuss new scientific ideas online, involving senior students in this process. Here, employers, together with university professors, will be able to formulate project assignments for international student teams and advise on the implementation of these projects. The quality of work will be assessed through the involvement of external experts.

Latest news:

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