Management of the project

The project provides an effective and efficient ‘operative’ 2-tier structure of management: the overall project management and project management at the country level. Overall project management will be performed by the Project Board (PB), which will include representatives of all the partners in the project (project managers in each university). The composition of the PB will be determined at the first meeting in Moscow (P6)

PB is in charge of overall planning of the project implementation, monitoring of the current project activities and organization of effective interaction between all members of the consortium. Project Board (PB) prepares reports on the actions of the project and financial reports twice a year. These reports are discussed at seminars and through videoconferencing.

On the country level the coordination should be implemented by one university in each country, which should be selected on the kick-off meeting. This university will be in charge for collecting reports, coordination of trips and general management with the Grant-holder on behalf of other universities in the country.

Decision making process should be done jointly, but in case of conflict the Grant-holder will have the right of final decision. Current project management and financial management will be in the responsibility of the Grant-holder. Financial management and reporting will be carried out between each partner and the Grant-holder independently.

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